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Software Quality Consultancy | Pedersen Software

Software Quality is often a tricky challenge for most companies, due to the mix of abilities and disciplines required to deliver a quality solution.

Quality Definition

Quality is the customers percieved benefits vs. the cost of using your product.

  • If the benefits exceeds the cost then the product is of good quality!
  • Being on par the quality is ok and your customer will most likely return
  • if the benefits are less than what the customer expected – well then your quality is not ok and your customers will disappear

In software quality is quite tricky. Most of it relies on good engineers who knows how to do things right as well as having a very good understanding of the customer base for the product.

Are you struggling to deliver software on time in the right quality?

I offer substantial consultation on how to build a quality focus organisation, with focus on the change process you need to execute to build a world class product.

Through my many years of process and quality work in one of the most quality concious comapnies in the world, I have built extensive knowledge on how to deliver software quality consistently.


  • Value Stream Mapping of your delivery pipeline with focus on “build quality in” resulting in recommendations for building achieving a better quality.
  • Quality workshop with engineers to build understanding and insight into common software issues and how to prevent them